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A Tantalizing Taste of My Extensive Favorites Collection



Points to Dollars: Dollars to Points

DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade

Click on the calculator to use it. It will convert the number of :dalogo: points to their equal value in dollars and cents. Also, it'll convert :dollarus: amounts into the equivalent number of :points:. I hope you find as useful as I have.

:iconcharfade: created it :)

Stamp Programs I Use

Stamp maker V2 by MenInASuitcaseFlash Stamp Maker by MenInASuitcase

Both are c/o :iconmeninasuitcase:

Tutorials That I Find Helpful

How to Use Stamps by FlantsyFlan Poetic Terms and TechniquesPoetic terms and techniques

This article aims to give you a brief introduction to some poetic terms with which you can bemuse your friends and nonplus your enemies.  Try and sling some of these terms into a casual conversation and watch the ensuing confusion.
If you don't want to confuse people, you could use these terms to discuss poetry like a badass while smoking unfiltered cigarettes in a French cafe, when critiquing, or to give your own poetry a bit of a vajazzle.
These terms are arranged vaguely into alphabetical order for your convenience.  Some of them will be covered in more detail in other articles throughout the week.

Alliteration (see also Sibilance)
Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds, often used for a specific effect in poetry.
the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle

 - - Wilfred Owen, ‘Anthem for Do
How to: HTML by Salix-Sericea dA Guide: Text Formatting
Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work! (Certain codes do not work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
:new: :new: :new:
Try NOT to copy/paste the codes, manually type them out yourself.  (Copy/paste messes up some of the codes lately thanks to dA).  :C
:new: :new: :new:
This is just a simple html guide to formatting text on dA (and other sites as well).  My goal was just to compile some html info into a simple, easy to understand guide for quick reference.  :)  Please let me know if the codes don't show up because sometimes they disappear when dA updates certain things.
This guide goes a little above and beyond dA's FAQ entry (although I purposely left out anything to do with links, because they don't work on literature submissions).  I also provided working examples, which might make the codes a little easier to understand. (Keep
PE: Poetry Forms- An A-Z An A-Z of Poetry Forms!
To kick start this week at projecteducate, we're starting off with a slightly lighter-hearted article listing just some of the poetic forms that exist out there. Lets be honest, there are hundreds and we can't list every single one. This is just a slice of the forms out there and if you are wishing to expand your understanding of different forms, do some research and don't take this as gospel!
Each form has a direct link to a site that describes the form in more detail, usually with examples too. I have also included some good examples from dA when I have found them.
Yes some of these link to wikipedia!
ABC- A poem where each word, line or stanza starts with the next continuous letter of the alphabet. Also known as an "Abcedarian"


:bulletgreen: I do not own these tutorials.

Which do you prefer to watch...? 

4 deviants said cartoons
2 deviants said sci-fi or fantasy shows
1 deviant said news
1 deviant said OTHER
No deviants said sitcoms
No deviants said reality tv
No deviants said crime dramas
No deviants said soap operas
No deviants said nature documentaries
No deviants said I hate TV shows of all kinds

Happy Thanksgiving!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:38 PM

I'm thankful for-
  • my Parents (both still living)
  • my brother Joe 
  • the abilities I still have
  • my home
  • my books
  • safety
  • pretty good health
  • music
  • art  (visual, literary, etc.)
  • my medicines
  • friends
  • a cat named Dainty
  • creature comforts
  • food
  • internet access
  • my computer
  • Supernatural (tv series)
  • possibilities
  • time (enough to write this list, at least!)
  • the little pinch of hope I still hold
  • peace

I hope all of you have many things to be thankful for too!

Be safe and happy! 


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